Our kakes are made with 3 layers of moist, delicious  Signature kake layered with flavourful fillings, and topped off with an assortment of treats. These kakes are drool worthy eye candy, filled with deliciousness! 
For custom orders or inquiries please email [email protected] or 
call 403-612-4400. 
*Please note that we typically require a minimum of 1 weeks notice for cake orders. 
6” (FEEDS 8-12) $60.00
8” (FEEDS 15-20) $80.00
10” (FEEDS 20-30) $100.00
12” (FEEDS 30-40) $120.00
Gluten-free, Dairy free& Vegan options available for additional charges

*Customization may be subject to additional charges

Funfetti kake filled with vanilla bean buttercream, covered in sprinkles.
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Creme & Fruit
Vanilla bean kake filled with vanilla bean custard, covered in vanilla bean whip, coconut and topped with an assortment of fruit.
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Red Velvet 
Red velvet kake filled with cream cheese buttercream, topped with kake chunks and chocolate curls.
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Black Forest
Chocolate kake filled with cherry filling, covered in vanilla bean whip, topped with cherries and chocolate curls.
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Espresso kake soaked in espresso(amaretto optional) filled with mascarpone/custard whip, covered in vanilla bean whip, dusted with cocoa and topped with choco expresso beans and lady fingers.
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Choco Drip
Chocolate kake filled with chocolate buttercream, topped with a chocolate drip, and assortment of chocolates or fruit.
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Gluten Free
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Vanilla, Strawberry, Chocolate, Espresso,Cookies & Cream
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Single $3.00
Half Dozen  $18.00
Dozen $34.00 (Save $3.00)
Double Dozen  $68.00 (Save $4.00)

Single $1.50
Dozen $18.00 
Double Dozen $34.00 (Save $2.00)

Pre order minimum of 12.

Filled, Boozey, Gluten free & Vegan options available for the added cost of $0.50 per reg. cupkake, $0.25 per mini.

Vailla bean kake topped with vanilla bean buttercream

Chocolate kake filled with Nutella topped with Nutella buttercream and a Ferrero Roucher

Cookies & Cream 
Oreo kake topped with Oreo buttercream and a mini Oreo

Vanilla bean butterscotch kake topped with butterscotch caramel buttercream, caramel drizzle and a caramel piece

Coffee kake filled with mascarpone custard whip, toppped with vanilla bean whip and a choco espresso bean, dusted with cocoa 

Cookie Dough
Vanilla brown sugar  chocolate chip kake filled and topped with cookie dough buttercream

Black Forest
Chocolate kake stuffed with cherry filling topped with vanilla bean whip, choco shavings and cherry


Creme Brulee
Vanilla bean caramel kake filled with vanilla bean custard topped with vanilla bean caramel buttercream, caramel drizzle and a fresh fruit or caramel piece